Agkura Personal Score Sample Collection Kit

Monitor and Save Program: Agkura™ Personal Score Kit

$179.00 every 6 months and a $20.00 sign-up fee

AgkuraTM Personal Score is a simple blood test to aid breast cancer detection in women with dense breast tissue or at a high risk for developing breast cancer.  The Monitor and Save Program allows you to “monitor” your AgkuraTM Personal Score every 6 months and “save” $20 per test. By choosing this program you will receive your fist AgkuraTM Personal Score for $199 and an AgkuraTM Personal Score test every 6 months thereafter for only $179* per test.

*Your credit card will be charged this amount every 6 months. You can cancel the program at anytime.

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Product Description

AgkuraTM Personal Score is a blood test that measures the levels of the protein, tumor-associated MUC1 (tMUC1), that is present in over 90% of breast cancer patients and this protein increases with cancer progression. A personal baseline value or score will be established for each person. Monitoring the tMUC1 levels of an individual every 6 months will allow for the detection of changes from this baseline over time. A score above the normal reference range or a significant departure from your baseline value would trigger a recommendation for additional diagnostic imaging like ultrasounds and MRI. If you have dense breast tissue which can obscure breast cancer detection with mammography, using the Agkura™ Personal Score as a supplemental test gives you an additional independent measure to monitor your breast health. Given the risks associated with high breast tissue density, we recommended that women with the dense tissue risk factor monitor their Agkura™ Personal Score every 6 months.

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